Then There Were Eight

Barring some unanticipated change in procedures, one of the following will be your next Superintendent of Public Instruction. The State Board of Education will meet in executive session on May 9-10 to interview the candidates. Information about the candidates is contained in two packets posted on the ODE website:

The eight candidates remaining, and their places in the online application packets, are:

  • Paolo DeMaria, II: 16-37
  • David Estrop, I: 115-54
  • Shonda Hardman, II: 203-29
  • Thomas Jandris, II: 243-72
  • Robert Sommers, II: 137-55
  • Thomas Lasley, II: 273-309
  • Michael Sentance, I: 421-43
  • Tina Thomas-Manning, II: 373-90


The first five

It’s April, which, in northeastern Ohio at least, means the NFL draft. Even as we watch for the new leadership team’s plans for the woebegone Browns, a selection of more consequence for Ohio’s kids is going on: the choice of a new State Superintendent of Public Instruction. On Thursday, just hours before the pro football franchises start their work in Chicago, Ohio’s State Board of Education will meet to consider adding as many as five applicants to the five selected by their search firm. Continue reading The first five