Back to Work

I hope that you and yours have enjoyed these last couple of weeks. Whatever your religious persuasion–or lack of it–the holiday season is always a special time of year. The end of the holidays also means that I’m resuming the conversations I’ve been having with my supporters.

This week, I’ll answer one of those questions that I get from the people I meet with. Phrased in different ways, that question amounts to: “Just what does the State Board of Education do?”

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For the last several weeks I’ve been sending campaign updates to friends such as you who have asked to receive them. I think these will continue to be an important way for us to keep in touch through this long campaign.

At this time of year, though, we should all be thinking about the things that make these holidays so special: faith, family, and friends. So in this update, let me just thank you for your continued support and wish you a blessed time of peace and joy at this special time of year. I’ll take a break myself and look forward to resuming our communications in 2016.

Campaigning: Online and On I-71

I opened my campaign Facebook page this week (, and it’s already close to 200 “likes.” If you are a Facebook user and you haven’t liked my page yet, please do so.

(And if we’re friends but not “Facebook friends” yet, let’s get that done too, at!)

I spent most of today in Columbus in a less obvious form of campaigning: attending December’s State Board of Education meeting. Continue reading Campaigning: Online and On I-71